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Event Technical Support

Resource Management, Event Technical Management, Remote Technical Management
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How it works

Get help identifying your support type.

You may require support remotely via video conference, email, messaging, telephone or a site visit.

There are advantages to each support type and there is a hybrid support type that combines periodic site visits with ongoing remote support.

Test your support type

Each support plan runs for a minimum of 90 days but you can request a 30 day paid test plan.

During this trial period, review the support plan then continue, change or cancel support.

Start a service plan

Register to start a service plan and get access to the digital resources as well as scheduled service visits.

Frequently Ask Questions

Technical support is assistance and problem solving given by technical personel, either internal of a team or outsourced.

Internal technical support should be explained first.
Internal technical support has technical personnel as part of the same team or organisation. Organisations that do not have the volume of work to maintain full time or part time staffing, can instead use contracted technical support on an on-demand basis (i.e only when needed), and this is refered to as outsourced technical support.

There is not a yes or no answer for this. The expense is the purpose or project that the technical support serves to buttress and not the technical support itself, even though you can get varying costs for the same support from different service providers.
In every case, once there is competetent management by the organisations choosing and implementing the technical support, there should be increased results via upskilling or income, increased protection from equipment loss or damage, and in the least pay for itself.
The subscription method developed by Pro Spirit removes the up front cost and spreads it across a 3 - 12 month period whilst having the intrinsic feature of ongoing support.

Any one of the following. Organisations that are understaffed, have mostly unskilled workers or volunteers, operate on a low budget, occasionally conduct projects or events that are bordering or outside the scope of their skillset.

Access to knowledge, expertise, technology at scale, with savings, whilst still focusiing on the core responsibilities of the organisation.
The disadvatages are little to none once you keep your internal technical support staff informed prior to outsourcing and every step of the way to avoid low staff morale. Also keep in mind that you have low managerial control over outsourced technical support as it operates on contract stipulations and not your organisation employee, volunteer or member rules. In which case outsourced technical support will operate under more stringent self imposed guidelines. This operational difference will usually cause friction between internal and outsourced technical support and should be dealt with as a normal and integral part of operation / integration.

Support Types

Resource Management

Resource management visits for quality control. Includes sound system design sales and installation; loudspeaker service maintenance; sound system alignment; configuration, tuning, programming, upgrades, consultation; cable management; cable connector maintenance.

Note: Servicing of electronic items such as power amplifiers, powered loudspeakers, loudspeaker management systems are outsourced to a separate service provider.

Event Technical Management

Event technical management visits suitable for seasonal and recurring events, whether weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Includes consultation and implementation of sound engineering, sound equipment management, sound for recording and broadcasting, sound team collaboration, event data management.

Remote Technical Management

Remote technical management via email and messaging response plus an event digital resource kit for your event web portal with registrations, technical team collaboration app, event media asset management, custom domain email and mailing lists.


An integration of remote and on-premise support.

Includes Remote Technical Management plus Resource Management or Event Technical Management.


Sound Equipment Management

For installation, upgrades, maintenance, submit your system information via our request form for an estimate.

For a new system design, submit the architectural drawings. If the building is still in the design phases and construction has not begun, have your architect and electrical engineer contact us.

Event Technical Management

For on-premise event technical management, submit your system information via our request form for an estimate.

Remote Technical Management

For remote technical management including the event digital resource kit, submit your system information via our request form for an estimate.

Customer Usage Examples

Church or Community Youth Programme

  • Resource Management: Sound System
  • Event Technical Management
  • Remote Technical Management

Event Planner

  • Resource Management: Sound System
  • Event Technical Management
  • Remote Technical Management

Suitable for events with high data management such as a trade show/fair/expo, seminar, training workshop, conference, association AGM, camp, retreat.

Small P.A Company or DJ

  • Design & Install: Loudspeaker Management System Program
  • Design & Install : Sound System Suspension (Rigging)
  • Design & Install: Mobile Electrical Distribution System
  • Remote Technical Management

Browse Services

Resource Management

Sound System

  • Design & sales
  • Installation
  • Upgrade
  • Suspension / rigging
  • Configuration, alignment, programming, tuning
  • Passive or *non-powered loudspeaker parts replacement
  • Cable management installation
  • Cable and connector maintenance
*Power amplifiers and other electronic equipment is outsourced to a service partner.

Event Technical Management

  • Technical consulting
  • Operational and resource planning
  • Operational and resource management
    • Sound team management
    • Sound system management
    • Sound engineering

Remote Technical Management

  • Remote support via email, chat, forum
  • Event Digital Resource Kit
    • Event web portal: Suitable for events with high data management such as a trade show/fair/expo, seminar, training workshop, conference, association AGM, camp, retreat.
    • Custom domain team emails: e.g,
    • Mailing list, newsletter list, mail blast: Send email to a high number of subscribers instantly
    • Specialised tech. team collaboration app
    • Event digital asset management: Public contributor submissions, team user permission based storage, sharing

Sound System Hire

  • Indoor and outdoor sound systems
  • Ground stacked and suspended/flown systems
  • Point source and line array type loudspeakers
  • Wired in-ear monitors
  • Live event multi-track recording
  • 66 kVA, 53 kW mobile generator
  • System integrator, system operator