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Acquiring strong business ethics and business culture as an employee of Ecolab (Glad to know that David Goggins whom I admire, was also an employee of Ecolab), I went on to start the businesses Isle-Tech Dishmachine Services and Synwave Trademark Audio. As the market need for sound engineering and digital services grew, then most of these services which were priorly volunteered to non-profits were refined and commercialised.

Due to the background of volunteerism, Pro Spirit has developed a method, even in its commercial/business offerings, of repackaging out of reach services and delivering a high end, smaller, managable replacement to small businesses, non-profits, associations and member based organisations, charities & foundations. This is achieved by being a bridge or broker to the 'out of reach service' whether that service is too complicated, costly, or time consuming to implement. That product or service is acquired and reintroduced to the customer in a manageable form through our technical support. The concept is similar to how real estate development is done, but instead it is digital real estate being distributed and merged with knowledge management.

Pro Spirit transparently fills the gap between what has gone before and the digital/cloud revolution.

Gregory S.C Gordon

Proprietor, Systems Engineer


  1. Building and Civil Engineering (OTD, BCC)
  2. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for F & B Industry (on the job training, Ecolab)
  3. Sound Engineering (self taught and on the job training QSI)
  4. Web Development (online, Sitepoint)
  5. Cloud Management (online, AWS)
  6. Developing a New or Existing Business Enterprise Level 3 (NCVQ, SBA & Action Coach)
  7. KM101 (The Knowledge Management Institute)

Company History


Isle Tech Dishmachine Services
Servicing of commercial dishmachines, electric water heater boosters


Synwave Trademark Audio
Sound system rental and sound engineering


Pro Spirit Audio
Name change from "Synwave Trademark Audio" to "Pro Spirit Audio"


Pro Spirit
Name change from "Pro Spirit Audio" to "Pro Spirit"
Merge of "Isle tech Dishmachine Services" and "Pro Spirit"
Additional services: Web Development, Sound Engineering Training


Additional Service: Cloud Management
Email hosting, mailing list (mail blast), cloud backup, content management


Additional Service: Web Development Training


A Pro Spirit service for event technical support.
Includes event website and photography for event journal and archiving, sound system rental, sound engineering


Additional Service: Computing for Entrepreneurs Training

Team Members

Gregory S.C Gordon

Systems Engineer,

Zane G. Gordon

Assistant Systems Engineer, Photographer